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Merchant Services

Merchant Services is used to describe the services provided to an entity which enables them to accept credit and debit cards as a method of payment. The Merchant Service Provider issues the entity a merchant account, enables the processing of card payments, and insures that funds representing those payment are deposited in the entities bank account.


Additional Integrated Accessories

Authorize.Net Payment Gateway Account Preferred Reseller

We are proud to offer online payments throgh our partner, Authorize.Net, a leading provider of payment gateway services since 1996. Authorize.Net manages the complex routing of transactions data from your business to the credit card and electronic check payment prcessing networs, ensuring secure and reliable deposit of funds into your merchant account.

Epson T20 Printer

Epson T20 printer

Secure Instant Payments software is now integrated with the Epson T20 printer!

The Epson T20 printer comes with everthing you need in one box for quick setup and installation. Its USB interface make connectivity a matter of plug and play.

Secure Instant Payment

Secure Instant Payment's software allows your business to turn a standard PC into a credit card terminal with benefits!

Mobile Payment Processing

To learn more about our mobile payment options, click here.

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