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NewtPay™ Mobile Processing

Mobile = Money

Bring your business on the road with a mobile commerce solution

Online and traditional merchant processing services can only be implemented by businesses that have a website or a physical store. As the Mobile Application Authority™, Newtek recognizes that many business owners need to process payments on the go. To address this need, Newtek offers revolutionary mobile processing, or mCommerce, services.

Conduct business from anywhere using your existing smartphone and one of our mobile processing devices. By swiping customers’ cards directly through the device attached to your smartphone, you are able to process orders from anywhere in real time. Doing business in this way, you are able to effectively reduce risks and costs, increase your exposure and enhance your ability to conduct business on the fly.

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Turn your Smartphone into a
Credit Card Terminal

  • Checkcard
  • Qualified
  • Mid-Qualified
  • Non-Qualified
  • Transaction Fee
  • Monthly Regulatory Fee
  • 1.69%
  • 1.99%
  • 2.39%
  • 3.49%
  • $0.24
  • $2.85