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Municipality Payment Collection

Instant Payments provides premium electronic payment solutions for all your payment needs. The software is very robust and can be configured so processing costs are passed to the payer or the Municipality can choose to absorb those costs.

Utility Billing

  • Display a PDF copy of the monthly statement or just the balance due. A rolling 12 month history is displayed for each customer.
  • Customers have the ability to establish payments on a one time basis, recurring basis, or choose the auto-bill payment feature.
  • Payments can be easily imported into your billing software. We integrate with a number of different Utility Billing Software Packages.
  • Each time new billing statements are loaded, users with an email address in their profile will get an email notification.

Business Licenses

  • Easily create a custom shopping cart page to collect fees for Business Licenses renewals and new applications.
  • Administratiors can get a Payment Submission email each time a payment is processed

Dog Licenses

Recreation Activities


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